It’s About The Architecture

Since 1992, Grey Wolf Systems has focused on integrity, responsiveness and quality. We have prided ourselves on providing affordable and functional solutions to our customers.

To survive all the bumps in the road over the decades (.com bust, great recession, pandemic shutdown, etc.), we have dedicated our efforts to solutions that are valuable to our customers. If we are not providing value, we should not be offering those products and/or professional services.

While technology has evolved over the years, Grey Wolf has tried to be one step ahead of our customer’s needs. We have evolved from networking to data warehousing to EDI to eCommerce to Product Managment.

Becoming experts in eCommerce, PIM, and EDI solutions allows us to specialize in our core competencies. Companies like Epicor and Infor should focus on what they are good at (Prophet 21 | SX | CSD) and Grey Wolf should focus on what we are good at (EDI | eCommerce | PIM).

There are several EDI | eCommerce | PIM | API solutions available for distributors.  The key difference in solutions is the architecture.  Grey Wolf has focused on the architecture for Infor and Epicor users.

An advantage of applying existing technology to new and different requirements allows for affordable solutions to all sizes of companies.  Open source technology and stable proprietary technology architecture is what allows Grey Wolf to provide affordable solutions (EDI | eCommerce | PIM) on a subscription or transactional basis.