About Us

Grey Wolf was founded in 1992 by Rick Sundahl.  Rick was responsible for selling one of the first Trend (now SX.enterprise) customers. After satisfying the two-year non-compete agreement with R&D, Grey Wolf started working with SX.enterprise customers as a NxTrend subcontractor. Rick’s distribution industry experience provided the foundation of Grey Wolf’s long-term relationship with SX/CSD, P21 and Acumatica users.

Originally focusing on networking and servers, Grey Wolf evolved into the software side of technology. Partner Connect (EDI solution) was Grey Wolf’s entre into “off-the-shelf” software development.

Today, Grey Wolf provides “cloud” solutions from their datacenter in Colorado Springs. The datacenter is HIPAA compliant and provides all the state-of-the-art security expected in today’s “consumption-based” software solutions.

Grey Wolf is extremely proud of the fact that we have been in business for over 25 years and still providing value to customers that have been with us over that time.


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