Originally in 2006, we started with developing APIs for Progress onsite.  It was under the Blue River Software company name and they were named brapi (Blue River API).  As time went on, the APIs were merged back into Grey Wolf and were then offered as a web service.


The web service is hosted on our server and was named Grey Wolf Web Services or gwws.  Therefore the URL was gwws.greywolf.com/sx


Now, we are growing our API and web services offerings to outside of Infor.  In addition, CSD does not allow us to utilize our APIs and we are dependent upon Infor’s ION structure.


This has made it very confusing.


So we are renaming to Grey Wolf Connector and they will be for SX as well as other ERPs.  So “Connector” is a generic term to reference all our integrations.


This change is what is causing us to standardize on naming, architecture and support.  We hope this explains the rationale for the changes.