Partner Connect Overview and Comparisons

Partner Connect architecture utilizes:


    • SQL Server core technology
    • Grey Wolf Web Services for ERP Integration
    • Not using ERP EDI module

EDI has been around for decades. Over that time, the evolution of what EDI encompasses has changed. While the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) tries to standardize EDI document sets, the human factor has intervened and prevented standards in EDI to proliferate.


Grey Wolf has offered Partner Connect since 1997 and it too has evolved over time. From supporting spEDItran to BizTalk Server to a hosted solution, Partner Connect has changed as technology has improved.


From our perspective, EDI is not just ANSI X12. Partner Connect supports XML, CSV, Excel…any file format. In addition, it does not require a VAN.  Partner Connect supports SMTP, FTP, sFTP, HTTP, AS2…almost any transfer protocol.


It also does not require an EDI module or importer at the ERP level. Instead, APIs and Web Services provide the integration with your ERP. This give you more flexibility and control over your integration at a much lower cost.


Grey Wolf is integrating with your ERP system through Grey Wolf Web Services Lite (a prerequisite for Partner Connect).

Self Service functionality include:


    • Document resubmittal
    • Document tracking
    • Transaction statistics
    • Report recipients
    • Notification management

Past EDI Setups

Grey Wolf has been working with several trading partners since the 1990’s. That experience allows us to focus on your specific document setup needs. To see which trading partners or documents or marketplaces that have been done in the past, use the following lookup:

See past EDI setups listed by:

Comparison Chart

wdt_ID Feature Partner Connect Unilink Comparatio