Grey Wolf Systems Partner Connect Setups

Grey Wolf Systems Partner Connect Setups

This Schedule is for the setups of Partner Connect documents.

Setup rates are the following:

• Initial Setup for a given Document for the first Trading Partner - $660
• Subsequent Setup for a given Document for an additional Trading Partner - $330

Any signed Setup Agreement will be billed even if trading partner is not in production if one of the following occur:

• Customer cancels setup for any reason OR
• Trading partner has not been implemented in production within 60 days of signing Setup Agreement.

What is included in each document setup is the following (anything outside of this listing is billed at Professional Services rate):

• Communication and coordination with Trading Partner
• Setup for documents adhering to Partner Connect Specifications (available upon request)
• 2 hours of testing activity for Initial Setups
• 1 hour of testing activity for Subsequent Setups

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Documents currently supported (contact Grey Wolf for other documents not listed):

Invoice In (810)
Invoice Out (810)
Remittance In (820/823)
Remittance Out (820/823)
Document Status In * (824)
Planning Schedule In * (830)
RFQ In (840)
Response to RFQ Out (843)
Inventory Inquiry In (846)
Inventory Inquiry Out (846)
PO In (850)
PO Out (850)
Product Activity Out (852)
PO Ack In (855)
PO Ack Out (855)
ASN In * (856)
ASN Out (856)
PO Change In * (860)
Message In * (864)
Product Transfer Out (867)
Order Status Out (870)

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