Nu Sync

Nu Sync Overview and Comparisons

Nu Sync architecture utilizes:


    • SQL Server core technology
    • Grey Wolf Web Services for ERP Integration
    • Excel-based for user management
    • No longer need Q&D

Product information management (PIM) and mass maintenance have become key to “managing the information required to market and sell products through distribution channels.” (Wikipedia)


Companies need to continually ensure that the data in their ERP, CRM or any other core system is accurate, consistent and fresh. While those same systems typically have a database back-end that the IT department and write quick and dirties (Q&Ds), it is really the responsibility of the business user to maintain the data.


Nu Sync was designed from the beginning to replace the Q&Ds and transfer the data maintenance function from IT to the business user. The tools that all business users know are Microsoft Excel and a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc).


To expedite the update process, Nu Sync allows the user to download the existing data into the blank template spreadsheet. This allows the user to see what is already in the database – or to use as a “mini-datawarehouse.”


Grey Wolf is integrating with your ERP system through Grey Wolf Web Services Lite (a prerequisite for Nu Sync).

Integration touch points include:


    • Customers and Ship-tos
    • Products and Whse Products
    • Pricing and Rebates
    • Order and Purchase Orders
    • Vendors and Ship-tos

Comparison Chart

wdt_IDFeatureNu SyncCSD Mass Maintenance