Keystone Overview and Comparisons

Keystone architecture utilizes:


    • Pimcore PIM
    • Grey Wolf Web Services for ERP Integration

Grey Wolf’s product information management (PIM) for Infor (SX and CSD) or Epicor (Prophet 21) solution is powered by Pimcore.  Pimcore is arguably the best open source solution for product information management (PIM).


As Pimcore is open source and improves over time in the base system, Keystone PIM solution upgrades with those changes as well.  Pimcore is developed by both Pimcore and Pimcore Community.   So enhancements, improvements and upgrades happen on a regular basis.  Keystone stays on the latest supported version of Pimcore.


Pimcore does not natively integrated with Altitude or your ERP solution.  Keystone enhances Pimcore by enabling those integrations.   That is how Keystone excels as a PIM solution for Infor (SX and CSD) or Epicor (Prophet 21).


Since Keystone is powered by Pimcore, the resources available in the community are fully utilized.  Pimcore partners and Pimcore forums are all available for Keystone by default from the Pimcore community.


The integration by Keystone with Prophet 21, SX and CSD supports the management of products in the ERP. The integration by Keystone with Altitude supports the management of attributes, categories and products for your eCommerce solution.  Those two integrations allow your employees (Buyers and Product Managers) to have a single source for product information.


Grey Wolf is integrating with your Infor or Epicor system through Grey Wolf Web Services Lite (a prerequisite for Keystone).

Integration touch points include:


    • Products
    • Attributes
    • Categories
    • Images and Videos
    • Specification sheets
Comparison Chart
wdt_ID Feature Keystone Pimcore
3 Product management
1 Attribute management
2 Category management
4 Video support
5 Document support
6 Magento integration
Analyst’s Research of Keystone Architecture

Gartner publishes many “Lessons Learned.” The architecture of Keystone PIM for Epicor and Infor is based upon Pimcore and Gartner classifies Pimcore as a Customers Choice.

Gartner has included Pimcore in their Peer Reviews (Basis of the “Lessons Learned.”  The rating of 4.3 out of 5 is one of the highest ratings.  The Pimcore review can be found here.

To see the complete Gartner Peer Insights ‘Lessons Learned’: Implementing Master Data Management Solutions report from July 7, 2021, click here.