"The Add-On Company"


In 1999, Grey Wolf actually started becoming involved with CRM by reselling SalesLogix. While Infor has purchased SalesLogix, Grey Wolf still has customers running the on-premise edition.

While Grey Wolf has partnered with several CRM software companies over the past several years, it has become obvious that some companies are going to use open-source software like SuiteCRM. So we decided to offer SuiteCRM as a hosted solution integrated with your ERP.

Since SuiteCRM is open-source software, the ability to modify the functionality as well as the look and feel of the CRM program is available either to your in-house development team or Grey Wolf developers. But Grey Wolf is only modifying the base code to integrate with your ERP system through the (Grey Wolf APIs and Web Services). As the SuiteCRM improves over time in the base system, your CRM installation can upgrade with those changes as well.

To test drive the basic version of SuiteCRM, click on the following link. Use the login of "sarah" and password of "sarah" (no quotes).

SuiteCRM Demo

If you are interested in mobile access to access your SuiteCRM environment, click on one of the following mobile apps.

SuiteMob - Android SuiteMob - Apple

SuiteCRM is a great starting point for most companies, but if you are looking for a high-end CRM solution, please consider one of the other CRM software providers that are utilizing Grey Wolf Web Services.


This $400 fee is incurred each time you activate SuiteCRM.
Grey Wolf will host your SuiteCRM environment that integrates with SX utilizing the Web Services - Lite. Your monthly fee determined by the number of users assigned. To see specific pricing CLICK HERE.